General Information about Department


Level of qualification


Bachelor Degree

Qualification awarded



Official length of programme


Four (4) years.

Admission requirements



High School Diploma.

Students are selected based on all Turkey common entrance examination with written test prepared by Higher Education Committee in Turkey.


General Description





Bachelor Degrees in Nursing generally prepare individuals in the knowledge, techniques and procedures for promoting health, providing care for sick, disabled, informed, or other individuals or groups.





Nursing Department prepares students to be generalists in clinical settings, for entry-level administrative positions, and for graduate work in nursing.

Educational facilities





The curriculum includes learning experiences in the classroom, simulated laboratory settings, and in clinical settings. Students have the opportunity for clinical learning experiences in a variety of diverse institutions, as well as in clinics and client's homes. Experiences in leadership and management in clinical settings are incorporated into the curriculum.


Physical facilities






Completed in 2004, the building consists of two floors with varied and specialized facilities. Administrative offices are located on the a block. There are classrooms, laboratories, and learning resource services with nursing technology laboratory. A conference room, student meeting room are conveniently located throughout the building. Research and computer facilities in the building provide direct access to the University.


Examination and assessment regulations



Students are evaluated by AİBÜ examination rules.Students are evaluated one intermediate examination, quizes, hospital practices and performance in the class at semester and final exam end of semester.

Access to further studies


May apply to graduate programs.Graduate programs prepare to advanced practice nursing in specialized roles.

Total of student


There are about 350 students and it is increasing each year.

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