There is just Nursing department. In such a case the mission ; respect to Atatürk’s principles and reforms, in accordance with the university’s purposes, giving preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative Health Services to healthy/ patient person, family and society at national and international level, assuming roles of educational, implementing, administrator and research; as well as educate nurses who are devoloped with  powerful contact, critical remark, determine and solve problems, use scientific technology, do research for devoloping nursing and society.


  There is just Nursing department. In such a case the vision; train alumni who can do education and research at National and international level, corporate identity and identity are powerful, have  faculty member who are well-qualified and expert on field, put into services to society in science, concessive in other Nursing schools, use well technology in health field, serving successfully Health services and being prefered from health ınstitutes everywhere in the World.


Quality policies is that Approach the requirements of era,  by making up principle of shareholder ( students and Health ınstitutes) satisfaction, continuous improvement, participant management model, implement the best education in Nursing field in turkey and make scientific masterpiece and Project.

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